Kuwbot Testing

We’ve implement Kuwbot, the chatbot, on our site (only) to test how it replies to inquiries. If we receive positive feedback then we’ll implement Kuwbot to our mobile app too. Even with recent technological advances, AI chatbots still are prone to errors.

According to 2019 chatbot reports, the most common issues with AI chatbots are:

  • Misunderstanding requests
  • Misunderstanding the nuances of human dialogue
  • Executing inaccurate commands
  • Difficulty understanding accents

Unsurprisingly, reports show [which correlates with our users’ feedback] that most people prefer to talk to a human instead of a bot and that’s why Kuwbot connects you to a local when requested or assistance is needed.

Our plan is to start with simple commands and knowledge base for Kuwbot to learn from and continue to grow that database based on the conversations with our users. As our database grows, we’ll allow Kuwbot to answer more.

Are you fascinated by AI and machine learning? You should think about joining our team!

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