Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions our users have asked about Kuwbot. To know more of the frequently asked questions by users, kindly follow us on instagram [@kuwbot].

What is Kuwbot?

A free bot + human online assistant service for everyone and almost anything in Kuwait

How does it work?

All you have to do is ask and Kuwbot will answer or transfer you to a human assistant.

Am I talking to a bot?

Kuwbot, the chatbot, might answer your inquiry or transfer you to a human to assist you better.

What languages can I ask?

Kuwbot only understands English for now but the human assistants are fluent in Arabic and English.

Who are the humans replying?

The humans relying are dedicated local Kuwbot team members.

Can I become an assistant?

Yes! Check out the careers page on our website

Why do I sometimes receive a link instead of the direct answer?

Some questions like government procedures or locations based on reviews consistently change so it’s best to send a link with continuously updated information.

Is Kuwbot a Kuwaiti company?

Yes! Kuwbot is a service powered by a 100% Kuwaiti private company.